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This page assumes that you are familiar with plugin development, although we strive to explain here, not everyone may understand.

Plugins may use the Core and/or Themes Codex.

When creating your plugin, always name your main file the same as the containing folder, IE: your-plugin/your-plugin.php

Directory Structure mc-content
-- plugins
---- your-plugin
------ your-plugin.php
------ index.php
------ init.php
------ public
-------- your-plugin-public.php
-------- inde.php
------ admin
-------- your-plugin-admin.php
-------- index.php

The init.php will hold variables concerning the the plugins name, description and version.
Please see the Example Plugin For Hands on Reference

Plugins can be used to host whatever content you want, from static to dynamic so long as it does not interfere with the Core


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